Tips to Determine if Your Roof is Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

A failing roof can happen at anytime and to anyone no matter how old the roof is, the type of material, or who installed it. Mother Nature can throw quite a temper tantrum sometimes and she can certainly damage and even destroy roofs in just a few moments. When damages from severe weather aren’t involved usually a roof will last for decades. Being able to determine when your roof will fail can help you better protect the interior of your home. In this article I’ll discuss some of the ways you can figure out if your roof is failing in Grand Rapids Michigan and if it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan to repair or replace your home’s roof. 

Tips to Determine if Your Roof is Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

If you find a problem with your home’s roof it’s important to deal with it right away. Especially if the problem looks like it will begin allowing water to enter the home. Water entering the home from a roof leak can have all sorts of problems and also damages. Sometimes small leaks may occur without visible damage in the living area of the home but may be visible and apparent in the attic space of the home. The following tips will help you determine just how much life is left in your home’s roof.

Age Is Very Important

Most asphalt shingle roofs are designed to last between 20 to 50 years. An although your roof may be fairly young there are lots of factors that can shorten the life of the roof. Trees, climate, and roof pitch all play a factor in how long your home’s roof will last. The type of shingle that is installed can give you a better idea of just how long your roof should last. Three tab shingles typically last about 20 years. If your home has these type of shingles installed and it’s been 20 years or more chances are your roof is living on borrowed time. For architectural shingles the warranties can last 20 or more years. However, any roof over 20 years old may be prone to failure and would likely need to be inspected by a certified roofing expert in Grand Rapids Michigan to determine just how well the materials are aging.

Tips to Determine if Your Roof is Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

Look for Signs of Failure in Gutters and in Flower Beds

Sometimes you can find signs that your roof is failing in Grand Rapids Michigan by looking in gutters and flower beds around the eaves of the home. If you find large amounts of granules from the shingles chances are they are turning hard and loosing their adhesion. This means that wind will soon break pieces and bits away from the roofing which may lead to a roof leak. You also need to check for these pieces of shingles on the lawn, around eaves, and in gutters on the home. If you find any pieces of shingles it is important to get a roof inspection on your home done. Those bit and pieces had to come from somewhere and chances are it’s from your home’s roof.

Are The Shingles Laying Flat?

Once shingles start losing their adhesion to roofing surfaces and to other shingles they will start to bend away from the roof. The edges will also curl causing the center of the shingles to appear a bit raised. When this happens wind can get under the shingles and break them. If your shingles aren’t laying flat against the roofing surface then it’s likely you’ll have a roof leak developing.

Check the Attic

The attic in your home will be the first place that is affected by a roof leak. Inspect the roof decking that is visible from the attic for signs of water damage or moisture especially after a heavy downpour. You can also completely darken the attic lights and look for signs of light coming through the roofing surface. If you have spots that are allowing light to come through chances are those spots will allow water too.

Get an Annual Roof Inspection Done on Your Home

No matter how old your roof is it’s important to keep it properly maintained. One way to do so is by getting a roofing inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan each year. If you’ve found any of the problems above be sure to get a roof inspection to learn more about the problem and what your options may be for repairing it.