Key Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

Most roofing materials today are designed to last for more than 20 years. In fact, some of the most economical asphalt shingles sold today known as three tab shingles typically have a warranty of 15 years or more. Although the roofing materials are designed to last a long time on your home’s roof they can fail before that time for a variety of reasons. One way to ensure your roof continues to keep your home protected for years to come is by getting a roof inspection done on a regular basis. At Grand Rapids Home Pros we can help by offering a roof inspection to determine just what problems may be occurring on your home’s roof and what you can do about it. 

Key Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

One of the biggest problems with roofing materials is that when a small problem develops and needs attention it’s often left alone and then it cause more problems. The problem on the roof may not be the roofing materials itself but other components of the roof such as roofing components. Storm damage can often occur on the roof as well. When these problems aren’t addressed they can later develop into roof leaks which can damage the inside of your home and cause lots of damage. So not only will your roof last longer but it will also save money on damages if there are problems on the roof of your home. A roofing inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan can really help.

Key Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

Your Roof Will Last Longer

As I mentioned above roofing materials today are designed to last for decades. Even a very low quality roofing material known as three tab shingles can have warranties that are listed at 15 years or more. For higher quality materials that warranty can be as much as 50 years for your roof. A roof that lasts for 50 years or more usually means they get regular roofing inspections on the roof to ensure everything is in order. A roof inspection can help your roof last longer because it can help to identify problems and potential problems with the roof. One threat that a roof does have is storm damage. Storms and high winds can damage any type of roof even if your roof is newer. So if you want your roof to last longer then be sure to get a roof inspection done on the roof.

Stop Potential Problems Before They Start Leaking

A roof can allow water inside the home which can do all sorts of damage. Water can destroy the drywall in walls and ceilings not to mention any furniture and electronics which may be located where the roof leak is happening. A roof inspection can help to identify any potential problems on your home’s roof and stop a roof leak before it even occurs. Even roofing components can be checked during a roof inspection as well.

Items That Are Checked During a Roof Inspection

The roofing surface is the main component of the roof. Although the roofing surface makes up most of the roof that is not all that is inspected. The roofing surface is looked over for broken shingles or missing shingles. The roofing surface is also inspected for storm damage such as hail damage. Other roofing components are inspected as well. They can include any roof penetration such as ventilation pipes. Also the areas around skylights and chimneys are inspected as well. Basically anything located on the roof and the roofing surface itself is inspected for problems and potential leaks.

How Often Should You Get a Roof Inspection

When a major storm hits here in Grand Rapids Michigan it’s usually a good idea to get a roof inspection on your home’s roof if you suspect there may be problems. Many home owners will get a roof inspection done annually during spring or summer which can usually stop many problems from occurring on the roof.

Start Protecting Your Roof Today with a Roof Inspection From Grand Rapids Home Pros

Is your home’s roof in good shape? If you haven’t had a roofing inspection lately, let Grand Rapids Home Pros come inspect your home’s roof. Simply contact us with your details and when the best time to come out would be. One of our experienced roofing technicians can inspect your roof and if you need roof repairs we can help as well.