Tips to Determine if Your Home Has a Roof Leak You’re Not Aware of

Although many people will picture a roof leak as a constant stream or drip of water coming through your ceiling that isn’t always the case. In fact, many times a roof will start leaking and you won’t notice any initial signs at all. As the roof leak gets worse and worse it will start to show more and more, which is where most people notice them. But there are some things you can do as a home owner to find roof leaks that you aren’t even aware of and get them fixed before they cause many more problems on your home. In this article I’ll go over some things you can do to locate any problems with your roofing Grand Rapids MI and give you some insights about how to fix them.

Tips to Determine if Your Home Has a Roof Leak You’re Not Aware of

When a roof leak occurs it can cause all sorts of damage. And the longer the roof leak goes on the more damage it can do. Finding a roofing problem as soon as it occurs can help you prevent lots of damage to the interior of your home. Even when you don’t have water dripping from your ceiling it can still be damaging your home. One of the biggest problems with a small roof leak that isn’t noticed is that it contributes to mold growth in the home. The constant moisture in places like the attic are a prime spot for mold growth and once it starts and gets out of hand you’ll need to have your home professionally cleaned and a mold remediation specialist called in to make it safe again. Stopping a roof leak before it gets to that point is something you should be considering. The following tips help you locate a small roof leak in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Tips to Determine if Your Home Has a Roof Leak You're Not Aware of

Check the Ceilings in Your Home

Most ceilings are made with gypsum drywall. It makes a great material for walls and ceilings but water is not a friend. When the drywall gets saturated with water it becomes heavier and also starts to stain a brownish color especially around the edges of the moisture. Regularly take a peak at your ceilings and if you notice a spot of discoloration that looks brownish in color it may be saturated with water. The spot will also be moist to the touch if it hasn’t had time to dry out yet. This can also happen on walls as well.

Look at The Roofing Surface

The surface of you home’s roof takes the brunt force of weather and can sometimes get damaged by it. High winds can break and blow away asphalt shingles from the roof. You may also have debris that has been blown into the roof or fallen on the roof from a nearby tree. If you notice any of these items it’s best to get a roof inspection on your home from a qualified roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan. Do not go onto the roof yourself as you can be seriously injured or killed if you fall from the roof on your home.

Make a Visit to the Attic

Another great way to determine if your home has a roof leak is to go into the attic of your home and turn down the lights. If there is a leak in your roofing surface it’s likely you’ll see sunlight coming in provided you do this during the daytime on a sunny day and the roof is not snow covered. You can also look for spots of moisture that have came in from the roof as the attic will be the first place a roof leak is visible.

Look for Cracks in the Roof

Sometimes things like chimneys and home additions can pull away from each other. When this happens it usually leaks a huge crack that you’ll be able to see from the ground. You may even notice cracks in the drywall of your home. There are several reasons for this including foundation problems but you’ll certainly want to get this checked if you notice these cracks as it may be a structural issue with your home.

Get a Roof Inspection to Be Sure

One of the best things you can do to make sure the home’s roof is in great shape is by getting a roof inspection in Grand Rapids MI. A roofing inspection will reveal any problems that are occurring on your home’s roof and the roofer will advise and make roof repairs on the home as well.