Quick Tips for a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

Keeping your roof in good working order means getting ahead of problems before they start causing damage to your home. One of the best ways to do this for roofing is to get a roofing inspection done on your home. You should get a roofing inspection on your Grand Rapids Michigan home every year but you can also make some quick visual checks anytime to make sure your roof is in good working order. I’ll go over some things you’ll need to look for and just how you should inspect your home’s roof while remaining safe on the ground. 

Quick Tips for a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

A huge advantage of getting a roof inspection is that your roof is completely inspected and if there is a small problem it can be repaired right away. Without a roof inspection this small problem can lead to a roof leak and that can start to cause damage on the inside of your home. Being able to find and stop these small problems can also mean your roof will last longer as well. Professional roof inspections in Grand Rapids Michigan will have a roofing expert that goes onto the roof and looks at everything on the roof and see if there are problem areas. While this just isn’t feasible for a home owner there are some things you can do as a home owner to ensure your roof is in good working order. I’ll go over some details of just what you should be looking for when doing a roof inspection on your home.

Quick Tips for a Roof Inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

Don’t Go On the Roof

I can’t stress this enough. You can perform a roof inspection from the ground. By going onto the roof of your home you are putting yourself in unnecessary danger. A fall from the roof can cause severe injury or even death. It’s not worth the risk and you should leave going onto the roof to the roofing professionals. You can make visual inspections from the ground with most roofs however. Since the roofing is pitched you can usually see most of the roofing surface. In order to get a closer look at parts of the roof you can use binoculars. You can also use a remote controlled drone with camera capabilities to get a good look at a specific area as well. In fact, some roofing contractors will also use drones on some roofs today.

Broken Shingles on the Roof or in the Yard

One of the biggest problems for asphalt shingle roofing is the shingles get broken by wind. As the wind gets up it can bend and break the asphalt shingles which can either end up somewhere on the roof or it may even land on the ground around the home. If you’ve noticed lots of broken pieces of shingles in your yard be sure to make a visual inspection of the home’s roof. Also be sure to look at the color of the shingles and make sure it didn’t come from a neighbor’s home. If you have broken shingles on your home’s roof it’s also likely that you’ll have dark spots where the shingles were located. Look for these dark spots and make sure a shingle doesn’t have a broken tab there. If you do have broken shingles you’ll want to get roof repair in Grand Rapids Michigan as soon as possible.

Look for Cracks Around Additions

Another problem area is where the roof meets a wall and usually has flashing made from metal to make the seal. Sometimes cracks can occur in this area and it will look as if the two roofs are separating. When this happens you’ll also want to have the foundation of your home checked as well which could be the culprit of the damages.

Go Inside the Attic

Going into the attic on a bright sunny day and looking for rays of light coming through can also give away problems with the roof. If there is a roof leak chances are you’ll be able to see evidence in the attic of the home.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection on your Roof

Giving your home a quick roof inspection when there is a bad storm or high winds is great but you’ll also want to get a roof inspection done every year on your roof. By having a licensed and qualified roofing inspector in Grand Rapids Michigan doing a roof inspection you can stop small problems early before they become huge disasters.