Don’t Forget the Structural Parts of Your Roof During a Roof Inspection

With the relentless weather of Grand Rapids it’s easy to see why so many roofs are not well maintained and causing damage to the interior of some homes. Keeping your roof in good working order means you’ll need to do some checks yourself to determine it’s working as it should. Each and every day there is always something attempting to damage your roof. From the sunlight beaming down every day to the occasional wildlife critter that scurries across it. And if you’re not paying attention your roof could fail and cost you thousands in damages to the interior of your home. It may even have structural problems associated with the roof leak as well. 

Don’t Forget the Structural Parts of Your Roof During a Roof Inspection

Once water passes the exterior part of the roof it can start to become a problem. The asphalt shingles on your home are designed to keep water on the surface and let it run down the surface off the face of the roof. When water gets under the roofing it can still run down but it’s usually on unprotected roofing materials such as roof decking or even structural rafters and ceiling joists. After some time this water can cause lots of issues. From allowing mold to grow in your home to even damaging the wood itself which would cause structural problems on your home. So even when you think you have a small roof leak on your home it’s best to get it looked at and repaired as quickly as possible. That’s where Grand Rapids Home Pros can help! We can install new roofs and also repair the problems on your home’s roof quickly and efficiently.

Don't Forget the Structural Parts of Your Roof During a Roof Inspection

Inspecting the Roof Decking Through the Attic

Giving your roof a quick look can often reveal small problems. One way to inspect the roof that many professional roof contractors will use is to go into the home’s attic and look for problems. The first signs of a roof leak will usually show up in the attic first even if you haven’t seen any damage on any other interior parts of the home. Things like saturated insulation, damp areas, and light shining in from the outside are usually tell-tale signs of roofing problems on your home. You may also want to check the structural parts of the roof while in the attic as well looking for damaged wood that may be the result of a roof leak.

Always Look for Signs of a Roof Leak

It only takes a few minutes to go into the attic of most homes and it can really help prevent a lot of damage. Doing this inspection a few times per year is great and can really help stop some of those small problems from becoming major disasters on your home. You’ll also want to get a professional roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan to inspect the roof annually to look for any problems on the surface of the roof which can include roofing components such as skylights, chimneys, and other roofing components.

Roof Penetrations Can Be Problematic

Although going into your attic is usually done by the home owner along with the roof contractor it is not advised that you go onto your home’s roofing surface. Sometimes just a wrong step on the roof can damage roofing especially when it’s cold and the shingles are more brittle. Not to mention you can fall and seriously injure yourself. Roofing contractors are trained to deal with the sloped roof and have the knowledge of how to walk on the roof and also inspect those areas that can be really problematic such as roof penetrations. Plumbing pipes and other items like this can cause small leaks that develop over time and need to be inspected regularly.

Get an Annual Roof Inspection to Be Sure Your Roof is Performing As it Should

In order to make sure your roof is performing as it should you should get a roof inspection done on your home annually. Most roofing contractors in Grand Rapids Michigan will offer this service and give you a report of any problems or issues found on the roof. Then you can get roof repairs on your home if needed.