Be Aware of These Types of Roof Damage that Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

A roof leak can be expensive and sometimes it can occur without warning. A storm happens and before you know it there is inches of water in your home’s living room. While some roof conditions will occur rapidly like this and there really isn’t anything you can do about it there are some things that you should be aware of that can be avoided. Of course, storms and weather damaging your roof may not be preventable there are ways to make your roof more secure and things that you can do to recognize potential problems on your home’s roof. I’ll go over some of the types of damages that may be occurring on your home’s roof that you’ll want to check out in this article. 

Be Aware of These Types of Roof Damage that Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

When a problem develops on your home’s roof it’s important to get it repaired right away. Finding a problem and repairing it before a rainfall occurs can help you avoid damages to the inside of your home from water damage. But checking the roof constantly isn’t something most home owners will want to do. And the times when you do check the roof and take a few minutes to look over the roof it helps if you’re familiar with the problems that I will outline below so you can get roof repair in Grand Rapids Michigan if needed and protect the interior of your home.

Be Aware of These Types of Roof Damage that Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

Curling Shingles on Your Home’s Roof

As the roof gets older the shingles on the roof will begin to lose their edge. Asphalt shingles seal to the shingle below them and as time passes by this seal begins to weaken and the shingle starts to curl especially on the edges. As the shingles start to curl it forces the middle of the shingle upward which makes it a prime spot for wind to get under the shingles and cause them to break. Most roofs where the shingles are starting to curl will need to be replaced. However, if it’s localized in one area it may be possible to seal the shingles back down and continue to protect the home.

Hail Damage to Your Roof

Weather causes all sorts of problems for roofing materials. The roofing is constantly bombarded by all sorts of weather including wind and rain but one of the most damaging weather events for your home’s roof is hail. Large hail can cause all sorts of damage to your home’s roof because it can break the shingles and even cause them to develop holes in the shingles as well. Impact resistant shingles are now available which supposedly are able to resist damage from hail.

Wind Damages to Your Home’s Roof

Along with hail, wind is can be a very damaging weather event for your home’s roof. The stronger the wind the more likely it is to damage your roof. Plus, as your asphalt shingles get older they get weaker so a bad storm with high winds can literally destroy a home’s roof if it’s really old. Higher quality shingles will last longer in most cases but you should be aware of wind damage no matter the age of your home’s roof.

Wildlife Damage to Your Roof

Wildlife such as birds and squirrels can really cause damage to your home’s roof but likely not in the way you think. As wildlife makes nest and blocks ventilation airways on the roof it can cause the attic to hold too much moisture and get extremely hot especially in summertime. Make sure the vents in your home’s roof are open and there are no critters in there.

Debris Collecting on Your Roof

Another big problem that may sneak up on you is debris collecting on your home’s roof. Debris such as leaves can gather in valleys and block the water from running off your roof. They can also continuously hold moisture against the shingles which will cause them to age prematurely. This is especially common for homes with many trees around and overhanging the roof.

Get a Roof Inspection to Make Sure Your Roof is in Good Working Order

If you suspect there is a problem on your home’s roof it’s best to get a roof inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan to prevent any damage from occurring. Learn more about roof repairs and more at Grand Rapids Home Pros in Grand Rapids Michigan.