Furnace Installation in Grand Rapids Michigan

So you’ve decided to get a new furnace in your Grand Rapids Michigan home. But you want the best outcome for you home during the process. In this article I’ll discuss some of the things you’ll need to check and address when you’re getting a furnace installation in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

Furnace Installation in Grand Rapids Michigan

Today’s furnaces provide much better energy efficiency than older models. They are also much quieter and easier to maintain. These sorts of advantages over an older furnace can prompt many people to replace their older furnace even if it’s still working great. Doing so could save them money on their energy bills, get tax breaks, and more just by getting a new furnace installed in Grand Rapids Michigan. However, there are some things you’ll want to address when getting a new furnace installation in Grand Rapids Michigan and I’ll go over these concerns below.

Make Sure Your Ducts are Insulated and Not Leaking

Checking the duct work in your home is crucial to getting the most out of your furnace and air conditioner. If the duct work is leaking air then your furnace will need to work much harder and use more energy because the heated air is not going into the home. Instead it’s being leaked into attics or into crawlspaces in your home. Insist that your installer check and repair any duct work that is leaking air.

Keeping the air warm until it enters the room is important as well and that’s where insulation comes in. If you have a crawlspace and your duct work is run underneath your home then be sure to check the insulation on the duct work. Just like leaking duct work, your HVAC unit will need to work harder and use more energy to heat and cool the home. The installer for your new furnace will likely inspect this duct but make sure you inquire about the condition of the duct work in your home. It’s crucial during a new furnace installation in Grand Rapids Michigan to get the best outcome.

Grand Rapids Michigan New Furnace Installation

Get a More Energy Efficient Furnace Installed

The more energy efficient a furnace is the higher it’s cost usually. Newer models use variable speed fan motors and better convection process that can deliver heat more efficiently than older units. This may come at a price however. The decision you’ll need to make as a home owner is how much energy efficiency do you want. Or a better question is how much do you want to spend in the furnace installation in Grand Rapids Michigan.

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that you’ll be using this furnace for years to come. Possibly for a few decades to come. Spending a little more now that can save you on energy costs during those years is important and should be factored into you decision. An energy bill savings of $20 per month for 20 years is $4,800. This is certainly something that you should consider when installing a new furnace.

Be sure to talk with your installer about options related to energy efficiency as well. Getting a more energy efficient unit installed is something that you can really like getting those energy bills later. Compare the energy ratings of the furnaces that you want to install to get a better idea of just how energy efficient they are.

Where Do You Want The Furnace?

During a new furnace installation you may want to consider moving the furnace. Most times, furnaces are located in the basement or garage but having the furnace located in another part of the home such as  a laundry room may be an option. If you want to move the furnace then doing so during a new install will be much easier. Once the furnace is installed and all electric lines and gas lines are run it can be much more difficult.

Speak with the installer of your new furnace about moving it if you like. However, chances are, there will be additional charges since the duct work, power, and gas lines will need to be re-routed to the new location.

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