Free HVAC System Estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan

Getting a new HVAC system installed can be a huge headache or a breeze. Knowing what you should ask or look for in a contractor can help you weave your way through a tangled web that so many low quality contractors offer. In this article I’ll talk about how to get a free HVAC system estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan so that you don’t waste time or money on something that you may not need. 

Free HVAC System Estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan

A major expense that you may have for your home is HVAC replacement or new HVAC installation. Depending on the old system that was installed can make estimates swing wildly from one extreme to the other. If you’re paying service charges for these estimates then chances are you’re only going to want one or two before you decide on a winner. But this strategy could leave you paying much more and getting lesser quality work than if you got lots of estimates. Of the wrong types of estimates all together. I’ll go over how to get a free HVAC system estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan so you can make the best choice, getting the right HVAC system installation at the right price.

Contacting Contractors About Your HVAC Installation

Getting an estimate from many contractors is as easy as giving them a call and speaking with them about a new system installation. They will usually send someone out to give you an estimate of the cost of the repairs or installation. The key is to get everything in writing and also have them look at all the parts of the HVAC system.

Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Estimate for Your Home

Sometimes contractors will give a rough quote which isn’t in writing. Basically you’re taking the HVAC contractor at their word and this can lead to problems later. Even if you think the contractor is trustworthy there are things that can arise that the contractor may not have included in the quote and may want extra for the job. If you had the quote in writing and itemized all the areas that were addressed you’ll know for sure if it was covered by the quote. The contractor may not have even inspected certain areas and now want the extra money to repair those areas.

So when you get a quote on installing a new HVAC system be sure to get everything in writing. But also, make sure they inspect all areas that pertain to the HVAC in whole. This includes components that may be used with a new system that were parts of the older system. Items like the thermostats inside the home as well as any duct work and registers. If you have a gas furnace then gas lines, valves, and more may be reused.

Reusing components from the older system can help to save money on your new install however, they need to be checked prior to giving a complete quote. Replacing a thermostat or a trunk line for a duct can be costly when it’s not included in the original quote. If your contractor is giving you a quote make sure they inspect these areas of your HVAC system.

Call Only Recommended Contractors to Get a Quote

Another problem that many people run into when getting a free HVAC system estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan is they don’t use contractors who have a proven track record. All the contractors and services that are listed here at Grand Rapids Home Pros are quality contractors that recommended by our staff. Lower quality contractors may not give you the work you want and may end up charging you more at the conclusion of the project.

So using a contractor that can first check the system and all connected components. Usually quality contractors will send someone out to talk with you and survey the system. Be sure to ask about a free HVAC system estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan when you call. Once they have finished their quote they may ask you about any changes or additions that you might like. Additions such as a larger unit, digital thermostat, etc all may be added at an extra charge. The contractor should give you the quote in writing along with an expiration date. They may also send you the quote later once pricing for all components has been verified. Be sure to keep the quote and if you decide to use that contractor you know exactly what you’ll get along with the exact cost of the entire project.