Furnace Tune-Up in Grand Rapids Michigan

When a furnace starts to give problems many people don’t realize there are things that you can do to give your furnace a tune-up. Just like annual inspections they need to be done before the furnace starts to give problems. In this article I’ll talk about a furnace tune-up in Grand Rapids Michigan and things that you can do to your furnace to help it run more smoothly and more energy efficiently.¬†

Furnace Tune-Up in Grand Rapids Michigan

Giving your furnace a tune-up can help it operate with less energy and it can also add years to the life of the furnace. Just by checking a few items and addressing some common issues you’ll be able to do a furnace tune-up in Grand Rapids Michigan by yourself. Of course you’ll still need to get the annual inspection of your furnace or HVAC system however. Like a car tune-up some of the items that need to be checked are also included.

First Check and Change the Filter in Your Furnace

The filter in your furnace not only filters the air before it goes into the furnace but it also removes dust particles from the air before they are transferred back into your home. By regularly changing your air filter on your furn you can help your family breathe cleaner air as well as keeping dust and debris from entering your furnace. Sometimes with gas powered furnaces the smell from dust can be unsettling when it passes near the burners. Keeping this dust out of your system is crucial to helping it operate efficiently and safely.

You’ll also need to clean the area around the air filter. Many times dust and debris can build up around where the air filter is located. You can take a vacuum hose and clean the dust from around the opening. Cleaning this dust and debris from the area where the air filter is located and also around the air return can help your furnace run more efficiently. When you’re doing a furnace tune-up in Grand Rapids Michigan the first thing you’ll need to do is check and replace the air filter.

Inspect All Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Air Registers

The air registers in your home may seem like they are not capable of breaking or failing but they can. In fact, they can actually be one of those items that fail more than you might think. One of the biggest problems is dust building up behind the vent and restricting air flow. You’ll need to shine a flashlight into the register to check if dust or debris has built up enough to block the vent. If so, take a vacuum and remove the dust. Some registers can be removed easily by a screw located on the register somewhere.

Furnace Tune-Up in Grand Rapids Michigan

Another problem that some registers have is the fins will break and block the air flow. This is especially true for floor vents or vents that are constantly adjusted. If a air fin in the register is broken it can turn sideways in the vent causing the vent to close and stopping air flow completely. If a register is broken it will need to be replaced. You can get new registers or vents from Home Depot or your local hardware store.

Check Duct Work for the Furnace

Another area that needs to be inspected is the duct work for the furnace. If your furnace is located in the garage or basement pay close attention to the duct work that leaves the unit and goes inside the home. Sometimes this can be hit by objects and dislodged or insulation could be knocked off the duct work. For a furnace tune-up in Grand Rapids Michigan you’ll need to make sure the duct work that you can access is sturdy, insulated, and not leaking. If there is a leak in the duct work you’ll feel warm air coming from the duct work when the furnace is running. You can actually be heating your garage or basement if this is the case and it’s not very energy efficient when it’s leaking air like this.

Also check around the unit for boxes and items that don’t allow air to properly flow to and from the furnace. Remove any items that are blocking air vents and remove any dust from the vents so that it doesn’t go into the furnace. You can also get a free HVAC estimate in Grand Rapids Michigan if you want to hire a contractor to do this.