Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan

Have you noticed a roof leak in your home. What may seem like a small problem can quickly escalate into something very damaging and also very costly. Having a small roof leak on your home means you’ll need to find a qualified roof contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan to come out and make roof repairs on your home’s roof or in worst case, you’ll need to have a completely new roof installed. There are many factors that will play a factor in whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement. Many times a small problem is overlooked which causes loads of other damage to the roof. We’ll share some of the signs you should check for on your home’s roof. 

Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan

When it comes to repair and replacement the professionals at Grand Rapids Home Pros have seen just about it all. Looking over hundreds of different roofs have given us a keen eye on potential problems that might be overlooked by the average homeowner. When it comes to your own inspection try to keep an eye out for these obvious issues that many home owners overlook.

Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage in Grand Rapids Michigan

Age and Layers on the Roof

A roof’s age is often the biggest indicator that there is a problem. While many are built to withstand anywhere from 20 years or more, they will need to eventually be replaced. This lifespan is cut down in instances of multiple shingle layers – while a quick fix this only covers up the fact that the underneath roof is still needing of replacement. If your double-layered roof is starting to get up there in age, you’re going to want a certified professional to come out and look at it soon. The type of roofing that is installed initially on the roof will have a huge impact on how long the roof lasts. Better quality will last longer and will also usually be accompanied by longer more inclusive warranties.

Buckling Shingles on the Roof

A simple look at the top of your roof might show little. However, the first signs of the roof going is often portrayed in the shingles buckling. When looking at your roof make sure that everything is at the proper slope or is relatively flat. If you look close and see that there seems to be some sort of wave pattern on your shingles, then that means there is moisture damage in the wood decking underneath and a leak is imminent.

Termites and Insect Damage

Termites inside of your walls, ceiling, and the rest of your home might be indicative of roof problems. Shingles or roof wood that is eroded is the perfect weak spot for these small little pests to make their way in. Often times termites can exasperate roofing problems by slowly eating away the remaining roof structure, causing leaks and general destruction.

Chimney Leaks

If you have a home with a fireplace you are probably more than aware of all the issues chimneys can face – one of many is the leaks that can accumulate between the roof and the chimney itself. Moisture at the base of your chimney around the fireplace could be damage related to the flashing on your roof. Chimney issues require special care as these structures can be further damaged with careless roofing.

Health Problems

It may seem a bit of a stretch, but health issues related to headaches, wheezing, and eye irritation can all point to a roof problem. The idea is simple – mold can cause numerous health problems for you and your family, mold inside of the home is a result of a moist environment, and a moist environment is best helped by a leak in the roof. This mold can often start inside the shingles on your roof and quickly spread into your home.    At least once a year you should have a roofing expert come out to look at your home for any issues. In between these annual checkups if you see any of these problems you are going to want to contact Grand Rapids Home Pros. Our certified professionals can access your roof damage in Grand Rapids Michigan and give you solutions to how best to tackle the problem.