Learn More about Re-Roofing in Grand Rapids MI with These Pros & Cons

Most homes in the Grand Rapids Michigan area has asphalt shingle roofing materials installed on the home’s roof. When asphalt shingles are installed already on the home and the roof is failing there is a roofing method known as re-roofing in Grand Rapids Michigan that can give you a new roof much cheaper than other traditional methods. Plus, the warranty for the new roof will be just as long as if it were installed on a new construction home. However getting reroofing in Grand Rapids MI may not be such a good idea. I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of this popular roofing method in Grand Rapids Michigan in this article. 

Learn More about Re-Roofing in Grand Rapids MI with These Pros & Cons

Many roofing contractors in Grand Rapids Michigan today offer reroofing simply because it’s much more accepted now than just a few decades ago. It’s one of the most economical ways to cover your home in Grand Rapids Michigan with a new roof but there are some drawbacks and limits that you’ll need to know. Before considering if reroofing is right for you it’s always best to get an estimate on your home’s roof replacement in Grand Rapids Michigan by a professional roofer to better determine if your roof is eligible for a reroof.

Pros and Cons of ReRoofing in Grand Rapids Michigan

What is ReRoofing

When the roof on your home fails and you need a new roof installed you basically have two roofing methods that are available to you. The first is called tear off roofing. Tear off roofing is where all the old roofing materials are removed from the roof and a new layer is asphalt shingles are placed on the roof. Where reroofing differs however is that the old roof is left in place. A new layer of asphalt shingles are placed and secured to the old roof using longer anchors or nails. This eliminates the need to remove the old roof and saves money on labor costs and disposal costs of removing the old failing roof. It can also save time as well if that is an issue. Basically, reroofing is simply placing a new layer of asphalt shingles on your home.

The Weight of Roofing Materials

Local building codes here in Grand Rapids Michigan will only allow two layers of asphalt shingles on a home no matter what style or brand they are. As more asphalt shingles are added the weight of the roof increases and three layers are simply too much for most homes to support safely. You may also notice problems if your home is not structurally sound with two layers.

ReRoofing in Grand Rapids MI is Cheaper

As I mentioned above the cost of reroofing in Grand Rapids is cheaper. You eliminate a lot of labor and disposal fees simply by not removing the old roof. You’ll also cut down on the time a roofer is at your home. Reroofing is typically 15 to 20 percent cheaper depending on your particular roof needs.

Warranties on Roofing Materials are Usually Honored

Another perk of getting reroofing done on your home is that you still get the warranty from most manufacturers. This warranty can last 15 to 50 years depending on the brand and style of asphalt shingles you have purchased for your home. This warranty is usually valid even if you choose a different brand or style that is currently on your home’s roof. You’ll certainly want to speak with a roofing contractor about this but chances are all warranties will remain in place.

You May Have Hidden Problems on Your Roof

One of the biggest problems with reroofing is that it doesn’t allow the roofing contractor to really inspect the roof and repair any problems that may be occurring on the roof in terms of structure or roof decking. Problems that are hidden from view are likely to remain. These problems can be apparent after the roof is installed by ridges or waves in the roofing surface. Some inspections will reveal themselves as problems from a view in the attic of the home but can be missed entirely.

Getting an Estimate

If you want to really compare the two methods on your home ask your roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan for two estimates. One estimate with reroofing as a replacement method and also tear off as the other. This way you’ll know better how to compare the choices.