Winter Plumbing Tips for the Kitchen and Bathroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Well, winter is here and there is no doubt that we have seen some cold weather here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That means it’s time for winter plumbing tips for the kitchen and bathroom. It is important that you take care of your plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom during the winter because neglecting these two important rooms can cause you a lot of problems, headaches and money. Take a look at the following winter plumbing tips for the kitchen and bathroom.

Winter Plumbing Tips for the Kitchen and Bathroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Winter Plumbing Tips for Kitchens in Grand Rapids, MI

Let’s first take a look at the winter plumbing tips for the kitchen. A couple of these plumbing tips should also be used all year long and not just in the winter.

Flushing Your Garbage Disposal – It is important to keep your garbage disposal clean and flowing like it should be. Not keeping it clean will result in a mess and you will end up calling your local plumber in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The easiest way to maintain a clean garbage disposal is by running cold water in the disposal for 20 seconds before you use it and 20 seconds after you use it.

Drip Your Water – On the cold nights in Grand Rapids when it is below freezing, you need to drip your water. Not dripping your water can lead to frozen pipes and then eventually, you will have busted pipes. You just need a small drip at night. Just enough to keep the water flowing and not freeze up.

Avoid Pouring Grease in Your Sink – Sinks can become clogged quite easy and pouring grease down your sink is one of the ways to clog it. It is important that you not pour grease or any kind of fat juices down your sink. Many people strain their foods over the sink and don’t think twice about stopping the sink up, but this is one of the worst things you can do.

Winter Plumbing Tips for Bathrooms in Grand Rapids, MI

Now, let’s have a look at plumbing tips for the bathroom. Some of these tips also need to be used year round.

Dripping Sink Water – As with the kitchen plumbing tips, you also need to drip the water in your bathroom. This will keep your water flowing on those cold nights and hopefully keep your pipes from freezing.

Clean Tub Drain – You also need to clean the tub drain at least once a week. You can buy stuff from the store to clean your drain or you can use home solutions to clean your drain. Cleaning it regularly will stop the drain from clogging.

Clean Bathroom Sink Drain – As with the tub drain, you also need to clean your sink drain too. You can clean it once a month instead of every week because it doesn’t catch all the stuff the tub does.

Outside Bathroom & Kitchen Pipes

With the freezing temperatures, it is dire that you do everything you can to protect your pipes in and under your house. The last thing you need to deal with is frozen pipes that bust and cause a mess in or under your house. Here are some tips for the outside pipes:

Make sure your pipes are buried deep underground. You need to make sure they are buried at least below the frost line.

You need to make sure your pipes are insulated well. You can buy sleeves or wraps for your pipes. These are definitely worth investing in. They will help protect your pipes from the cold and freezing weather.

You should also drip water from a faucet outside. This will help with keeping the water from freezing in the pipes.

I hope these winter plumbing tips for the kitchen and bathroom helps you. With the freezing temperatures here in Grand Rapids, MI, our pipes seem to freeze often if we don’t take special care of them. It could definitely lead to a disaster if not taken care of right away. If you find yourself in a plumbing crisis, call your local plumber in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They can help with your problem before it gets too far out of hand.