Top Signs Your Roof Could Be Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

Although the roof on your home may seem like it’s impenetrable, it’s actually one of the components of your home that is always under constant bombardment from weather elements. From rain, snow, wind, and hail your roof is always under attack and can fail. Knowing what to look for in a failing roof can help you better protect your home. You’ll be able to determine if your home needs  a new roof installed before it starts leaking and causing damages to the inside of your home which can really cost money to repair. In this article I’ll discuss some of the top signs that your roof is failing and that you’ll need a new roof installation in Grand Rapids Michigan

Top Signs Your Roof Could Be Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

Most roofs are designed to last from 15 to 35 years depending on the roofing materials that are used on your home’s roof. However, even though they are designed to last that long doesn’t mean they can’t fail early. In fact, there are lots of things that can happen to a roof to cause it to fail early and in fact, here in Grand Rapids Michigan the weather actually has a lot to do with it. Knowing what you should look for when your roof is failing can help you better identify problems before they cause interior damages to your home. I’ll go over some things you’ll want to look for on your home to determine if you  have a problem on your roof below.

Top Signs Your Roof Could Be Failing in Grand Rapids Michigan

Broken Shingles on the Roof

One of the biggest problems with roofing shingles is the wind that gets under the shingle and breaks the tab of the shingle. Although this is more common on roofing in places like Grand Rapids Michigan because of the colder climate in winter it can be a problem on any home. As wind gets under the shingle and causes it to raise up it can break the shingle. Once the shingle breaks it may stay in place but it’s likely to break and fall away sometimes landing in the yard. Sometimes it can break and remain in place but have a dark spot where the underlying shingle is apparent. In either case, if your roof has broken shingles present it’s likely there will soon be a roof leak. If your roof has broken shingles it’s important that you get a roof inspection done as soon as possible.

Bits and Pieces of Shingles on the Ground

Sometimes when the shingles break they don’t stay on the roof at all. In fact, sometimes the shingles will break away from the roof and fall to the ground. You may find bits and pieces of shingles in your yard or on your deck. If that happens you’ll need to inspect the pieces of shingles to determine if they were in fact from your roof. The roofing pieces could actually be from another home in the neighborhood that also has roof damages.

Curled Shingle Edges

As shingles get older they tend to curl on the edges. When this curling occurs it allows wind to get under the middle part of the shingle. As you may have guessed when that happens it can cause problems with the shingles. Most times the shingle will break and then start to leak in that spot. Because the roof is getting older this can be a recurring problem even if you get roof repair done on your roof.

Age of the Roof on Your Home

The reason most roof start to have problems is that they outlive their useful life, Keep in mind that most roofing materials are only designed to last 15 years. If your roof is over 15 years old it may be time for a new roof. Of course this will be dependent on the roofing materials that are installed on your home.

Get a Roof Inspection to Determine Just What Shape Your Roof is In

If you suspect that there is a problem on your home’s roof in Grand Rapids Michigan then it’s important to get a full roof inspection done on your home. A qualified roofing expert can take a look at your roof and determine just what your next steps should be and if you need a new roof in Grand Rapids Michigan or simply roof repair on your home.