Tips for Finding the Best Roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan

With so many different roofing contractors vying for your business today it’s sometimes difficult to determine which one’s are legit and which ones are simply fly by night companies. If your home has roof damage or you need a completely new roof installed be sure to choose a good roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan to do the roof repairs or install a new roof. In this article I’ll give you tips on choosing the best roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan so you can get the best work done at the best price. 

Tips for Finding the Best Roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan

One thing you’ll need to make sure of when hiring a roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan no matter what size of roofing project you need is that they are fully licensed and insured. Even for small roof repair work you’ll want to make sure the roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan is qualified to make the repair on your home’s roof. Without using a properly licensed and qualified roofing contractor you may void the warranty on your home’s roof. Even if the price is a bit lower you’ll always want to go with a qualified professional for work on something as important and costly as your home’s roof.

Tips for Finding the Best Roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan

Read Online Reviews and Comments

Technology today has added a way to really dig deep into how a company operates. The internet has really given the consumers an advantages when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with. Check online for reviews and comments on the companies that you think are a good fit for your roof project. Chances are there are people who have had dealings with them and can give you more insight. You can also look for recommendations from bloggers or others in the Grand Rapids Michigan area.

Talk to Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Along with checking online for reviews and details about roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan be sure to talk with your family and friends as well. Chances are one of your friends or family has had roof repair work done and you can talk to them about the roofer they used. Get feedback about the entire process and more. Sometimes word of mouth advertising like this for roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan can really help them gain new clients. Provided they have great work and excellent customer service.

Consider Roofing Manufacturer’s Endorsements

Not only should you get the opinion of family and friends and review sites but you’ll also want to check out any sort of roofing manufacturer’s endorsements. GAF, Owens Corning, and Certainteed all have roofing certification programs in place to help you choose the best roofer for your home’s roofing project. Sometimes the roof contractor will be listed on the website of the manufacturer however sometimes it’s not. Be sure to inquire about this when hiring the roofing contractor or getting an estimate from them.

Ask the Roofer for References and Past Job Locations

Most roofing contractors will keep a portfolio with them of past jobs that they can show you if asked. If they don’t have this portfolio with them simply ask them about previous projects they have completed. Being able to view most roofing installation from simply passing by on the road can give you a much better idea of the quality of work that they provide. Some roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan will also place small signs in the front lawn with their logo showing everyone they are doing roof repairs or installing a new roof. This can help you get a better idea of the finished product they provide.

Do They Service Your Roofing Materials Needed?

Some roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan will only service particular types of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing materials used in Michigan today but there are also other roofing materials. If your roofing material is metal, slate, stone, tile, etc… make sure that you find the roofing contractor that does work on that type of roofing system.

Compare Estimates of Roofing Projects

One of the best way to determine just what roofers in Grand Rapids Michigan can offer is getting a free estimate on the roof install or repair and comparing them. Be sure to contact Grand Rapids Home Pros for information on getting a free estimate on your home’s roofing needs today.