Do You Suspect Your Roof Has Storm Damage? Here’s How To Check

Although the roof on our homes here in Grand Rapids Michigan are made to withstand storms and weather there are sometimes damages that can occur on the roof. When your roof is damaged by a storm getting it repaired as quickly as possible can help to prevent a lot of damage to the interior of your home. But sometimes, many home owners simply don’t know what the signs are if their roofs have been damaged by storms. In this article I’ll go over some signs that your home’s roof may have been damaged and in need of roof repair in Grand Rapids Michigan

Do You Suspect Your Roof Has Storm Damage? Here’s How To Check

One of the keys to preventing damage to your home when a roofing problem presents itself is to get it repaired quickly. So if the roof was damaged in a storm it may not leak initially. But over time and possibly the next time it rains it can start to leak. Doing a quick check on your home’s roof after a big storm can help to identify any problems which allows you to get it fixed faster and without as much damage.

Do You Suspect Your Roof Has Storm Damage? Here's How To Check

Do a Quick Walk Around Your Home and Look for Signs of Damage

After a storm has passed it’s best to do a walk around of your home. Most of the signs below you’ll be able to see from the ground. Going onto your home’s roof is not advised and can be dangerous. Plus, you may do more damage to the roof by walking around it incorrectly. Walking around your home looking for signs of damage can only take a few minutes and can be worth much more if you see any signs of damage. You can also check siding on your home as well during this time.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

You may have a roof leak and not realize it. Look at the ceilings on your home, especially on the upper levels of the home on multi-level homes. If you notice a roof leak or discoloration on the ceiling then chances are you have a roof leak. These types of leaks typically show up after a storm has passed and if the leak is small may not be noticeable initially.

Are There Bits and Pieces of Shingles on the Ground Around the Home?

When you’re walking around the exterior of your home look for pieces of the roofing materials or shingles on the ground. During higher winds parts of the shingles may break away from the roof and they usually end up on the ground or in the gutters of the home. If you notice any bits or pieces of shingles on the ground you very likely have roof damage from a storm. The roof may not leak initially but will certainly develop a roof leak over time.

The Older a Roof Is, The More Damage May Be Done by Storms

Although roofing materials are designed to last for decades, age can play a factor in storm damage to a roof. As shingles get older they begin to get more brittle and lose their adhesion to the roofing surface. They may also start to curl or fold which allows wind to get under the shingle. Older roofs are more susceptible to roof damage because of this.

Are There Discolorations on the Roofing?

Sometimes when the shingles break away from the roof they can land almost anywhere, including a neighbors yard. With that being said, your neighbors shingles can land in your yard as well. When storms have blown shingles away from the roof there are usually discoloration where the shingles were broken away from the roof. They can be very dark spots on the roof that are very pronounced. They may also be very light depending on the color of the under-layment used on the home. In either case, if you notice a discoloration on your roof then chances are you have a roof leak.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Grand Rapids Michigan Home

If you suspect your home has roof damage because of a storm in Grand Rapids Michigan be sure to get a roof inspection on your home by a professional roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan. At Grand Rapids Home Pros we can inspect your roof and give you a free estimate on repairs if needed. Contact us today for more information.