Save On Your Next Home Remodel with These Tips

When it comes to remodeling your home, the budget can sometimes skyrocket out of control. There are some things you can do to keep costs down and still get a new refreshed look you can live with. In this article I’ll look at some of the easiest ways to cut costs from your next home remodel project without cutting a lot of corners.

Save On Your Next Home Remodel with These Tips

The first tip I’ll give you is planning. Be sure you plan everything out. You would be surprised how much overage you can have simply by not planning out  a project. Even for small, seemingly insignificant projects, planning can give you an edge on pricing and help you realize where you’re spending money at on the project.

Some items are going to be set in stone unfortunately. So try to work on the items that have some leeway. The following tips can help to cut the cost on your next home remodel.

Re Use Some of The Cabinets You Have

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that can have huge budgets when remodeling. The cost of fixtures and cabinets can be huge. Deciding on a less expensive fixture can help you bring costs down. But one of the most prominent is the cabinets in the kitchen. If you’re cabinets are in good shape then consider getting them refaced. Where just the doors and facades are replaced rather than the entire cabinet.

By replacing just the front of the cabinet you’ll have that unique and different look from the old cabinets and it will also save you money as well. If you’re changing the sizes and dimensions of the cabinets however, this may not be an option.

Check Out the Recycle Center

Sometimes a visit to the home recycle center or special order department of home stores can give you a plethora of savings. When products are ordered incorrectly or the style wasn’t quite right, sometimes home stores and recycle centers offer these products at deep discounts. There are some drawbacks to this approach that you’ll need to be aware of however.

The first is that some of the products are discontinued and no longer available. Which is fine if you can purchase enough to complete the job. If not, you won’t be able to completely finish the job leaving you with unfinished areas that will need to be completely redone. The second is when you need to repair a part of the home remodel and you can’t find the materials to do so because they were discontinued.

Talk to Your Contractor

Most contractors have a way to get source pricing and could pass the savings on to you. You can use them to get discounts that would be otherwise unavailable to you. You can also ask for recommendations on which items or products to use.

Avoid Moving Plumbing Items

Of the two areas of the home that are typically the most expensive to remodel, the kitchen and bathroom take the cake. One of the major expenses of these two rooms is the plumbing that is attached. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bath try to keep plumbed items the same without moving them. This way you’ll save on plumbing expenses and sometimes a lot of headaches as well.

Don’t Just Consider Today But Years Down the Road

One of the most important things when considering what you’re going to do in a home remodel is what it’s going to be like years down the road. Will you be able to live with the cost cutting you’ve done or will you constantly second guess yourself. This is a hard question to ask yourself but it’s one you’ll want to face with each decision you make in cost cutting for your home remodel.

Getting Energy Efficient Items

Sometimes products may seem cheaper initially but consider the cost it take to own that product over the years. Appliances will consume power and will be added to your energy bill. Don’t go for a cheaper, more inexpensive appliance simply based on price alone. Getting energy efficient appliances and other products can save you money for years to come. Not just on the initial remodel of the home. Be sure to check the Energy Star rating on each appliance you plan on buying for your home.