Prevent Damage to Your Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

One of the more expensive components of your home is the roof. And while it protects the home from weather elements each and every day it does need some maintenance from time to time. You wouldn’t drive your car thousands of miles without getting regular maintenance done and your roof needs that same attention. Although keeping your roof in good working order likely means you’ll need a roofing contractor Grand Rapids MI there are some things you can do yourself to ensure your roof lasts a long time and protects your home for years to come. 

Prevent Damage to Your Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

I’ve compiled a list of 5 things that you should be doing in order to keep your roof performing as it should. Following these 5 tips will also help your roof last longer and you’ll be able to stop small problems before they damage the interior of your home or cause a complete roof failure on your home. It’s always best to discuss how your roof is performing with a licensed roofing technician and we don’t advise anyone to go onto their home’s roof. Going on your roof is dangerous and you can be seriously injured or even killed from a fall from the roof.


Get a Roof Inspection Each Year

One of the most overlooked parts of the home is the roof. I guess because it’s not readily in sight each day and you never really pay attention to it when you go into your home each day. Many people never think about the roof until there is a problem and when that problem becomes a roof leak and damages the inside of the home is when it gets bad. A routine roofing inspection can help to find small problems with your home’s roof before it starts leaking. Getting a roof inspection annually is advised and can usually give you a much better idea of just how well your home’s roof is performing. Some roofing contractors will also offer free roofing inspections as well.

Prevent Damage to Your Roof in Grand Rapids Michigan

Trim Trees From Around the Roof

Trees are great and provide a lot of beauty for a home. Unfortunately, for a roof it can be a huge problem. Any trees around the home needs to be trimmed away from the roof. If branches are in contact with the roof it can cause premature aging of the roof. Also leaves can fall from the tree and collect on the roof causing moisture to be held against the roofing surface. Keeping trees trimmed back away from the roof and regularly inspecting the roof for signs of leaves building up can prevent this from happening.

Make Visual Checks on the Roof From Time to Time

Getting an annual roofing inspection on your home can uncover problems before they start showing up as a roof leak but you can also make a visual inspection yourself on the roof. Look for areas on the roof that may appear damaged. You can do this from the ground and if you need a better view use binoculars to zoom in on areas. You can also look for pieces of roofing materials on the ground around the home. If you find a problem, be sure to call and get a roof inspection on your home in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Go In The Attic to Check the Roof

If your home has an attic that you can access it’s a prime spot to look for roof problems. If a roof leak occurs the attic is the most likely place it will be apparent first. Look for signs of water either running down the roof rafters or soaked or saturated insulation in the attic. You can also look for sunlight coming through the roofing surface.

Keep the Gutter Clear on Your Home

The gutters on your home keep water moving away from the roof and down to the ground. When gutters start to get debris in them and don’t carry water as they should it can really start giving problems for your home. Water can sometimes back up under the shingles in some cases and cause problems. It may also get to the point where debris is collected higher than the bottom edge of the shingles and holds moisture to the roof that way. In either case, make sure that your gutters are clear.

If you’re concerned about your home’s roof and want to get a roofing inspection be sure contact Grand Rapids Home Pros today.