Do You Need Roof Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan? You May Be Surprised…

Having a roof leak on your home can cause a massive amount of damages to the inside of the home. Even a small roof leak can damage areas in the home that will need to be replaced and the costs involved can be high. What’s even worse is that you have a roof leak on your home and you may not even realize it. A roof leak or damage to your home’s roof can go without being noticed which can really cause problems. Included in this article are some tips on what you should look for on your home’s roof to ensure there isn’t a roof leak or even potential for a roof leak. 

Do You Need Roof Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan? You May Be Surprised…

One thing that many people don’t realize is the amount of damage that can occur with a small roof leak. But consider if a roof leak allows water to enter your home for an extended time. That may leak to mold growth in the home which can be a huge problem and cost a lot of money to have removed safely. Mold growth is just one problem which can occur during a roof leak. Most roof leaks also cause a lot of damage to the interior of the home as well. When your home does have a roof leak it will start damaging items and home components usually before the home owner notices. Here is a breakdown of a roof leak and items it may damage:

Do You Need Roof Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan? You May Be Surprised...

Water enters the roof either because of missing shingles or some problem with the shingles which allows water to pass. The water will then saturate the roof decking which is usually made of plywood. As the water then pass through the roof decking it will next contact roof rafters which are usually made using un-treated wood. As water continues it’s way down due to gravity it will then either impact the attic flooring or if your home’s attic is not floored it will start to saturate the insulation in the attic. Up to this point, you may never know there is a roof leak. And for small leaks this roof leak may go un-noticed. Once the water saturates the attic insulation it will then start to saturate the drywall on your ceiling. At this point you may notice the problems on the inside of your home. Here are some tips to help you find a roof leak before it gets to this point.

Carefully Inspect Your Home’s Roofing Surface from the Outside

The biggest problem most roofs have is wind that breaks and damages the shingles on the home. You might also have debris that’s been blown into the roof or fallen on the roof by a nearby tree or other structure. If you discover any of these things it is best to get a roof inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan on your house from a skilled roofing contractor in Grand Rapids Michigan. It’s important that you don’t do the roof inspection yourself and only use a properly licensed and trained roofing contractor to do the inspection on your home’s roof.

With Problems In The Attic They May Be Visible

As I mentioned above the attic space is one of the first areas where a roof leak can start to show. Every now and then take a look in the attic for moisture and signs of a roof leak. You may also see sunlight coming in the attic if it’s dark. Be sure to look at areas around roofing components as well such as chimneys or skylights which are problem areas for many homes.

Get a Roof Inspection to Make Sure

One of the best things you can do in order to be certain that the property’s roof is in great shape is by getting a roof inspection in Grand Rapids MI. A roofing inspection will show any problems which are occurring on your home’s roof and the roofer will advise and make roof repairs on the home also. Having a qualified roofing contractor to make the inspection is always recommended as well. Qualified roofers will be able to see potential problems that may later turn into a roof leak which can be addressed and repaired before the roof leak occurs.