Heating Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan Tips

Before you call for heating repair in Grand Rapids Michigan you may be able to fix the heating unit yourself. Here are some common problems that plague a heating system that a home owner may be able to repair themselves rather than calling a service technician.

Heating Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan Tips

When your heating unit or furnace stops working it’s usually at the worst possible time. During the night time when it’s usually colder and all the HVAC shops in Grand Rapids Michigan are closed. Having a problem with your furnace or heater can be a disaster and be very tough to stay in your home. If your heater is giving you problems then check out the tips below for some common problems that a home owner can do themselves. You can also check our recent article on Furnace repair in Grand Rapids Michigan for some tips as well.

First Check the Air Filter in the HVAC Unit or Furnace

Having an air filter that is completely blocked by dust or debris can cause all sorts of problems for your unit. Sometimes the vent can be blocked by debris such as a plastic bag or rug. If your return is not blocked and the air filter is clean then you can move onto the next tip. If you need to replace the air filter then you can pick one up at a local Target¬†or department store. Also be sure that the return vent is not blocked. If you haven’t changed your air filter for your furnace lately this can be a likely cause if they unit is not heating as it should but producing some heat.

Heating Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan Tips

If You Have a Gas Furnace Be Sure to Check the Pilot Light

Many homes in the Grand Rapids area have Propane or Natural Gas furnaces that heat their homes. Sometimes these furnaces have a pilot light that ignites the burners in the unit. If the pilot light goes out the unit will not work and will not produce any heat from the vents. If the unit has an electric pilot ignition system it may not have a pilot light. When you’re looking for heating repair in Grand Rapids Michigan and you have a gas furnace you’ll need to check the pilot light.

If the pilot light has gone out you can attempt to relight the pilot light. Be sure to check the manual for your furnace to see the steps to do so. Remember, do not remove any panels or controls as there may be electrical components on the inside of the furnace that require a trained service technician to access. You may need to wait for the technician rather than risking your safety by doing this yourself.

Check the Thermostat of Your Furnace

Lots of times in larger families the thermostat gets changed a lot. Some people in the home like it a little warmer or some people like it a little colder. During this moving about the thermostat could be changed into a wrong setting. Someone may have inadvertently changed the furnace switch to off. Or on HVAC units it may have been switched to cool or delay. Be sure to look at the settings on the thermostat and make sure they are set to heat and the temperature setting is correct.

One common problem with older thermostats is that they can collect dust on the inside and lose contact on electrical circuits. This dust gets between some of the thermostat’s heating and cooling contacts and can cause all sorts of problems. Sometimes you can use a small vacuum and place it around the top of the thermostat to remove dust. You may also need to move the adjustment higher and lower a few times and then set it back to the appropriate temperature. This can sometimes dislodge the dust that is blocking the contacts on the thermostat.

If you have a digital thermostat make sure it is set up properly and doesn’t have a rogue timer setting that someone added. You may even want to reset the digital thermostat to ensure it is in working order. These¬†Heating Repair in Grand Rapids Michigan tips can help you get through a cold Michigan night if your furnace stops working. However, when you need HVAC repair and these tips don’t help you then be sure to contact a service technician to work on your furnace.