5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement in Grand Rapids Michigan That You Should Not Ignore

Keeping your roof in good working order can help you avoid problems and damages to the inside of your home. However, sometimes there are clear signs that home owners will ignore that are mean you certainly need roof replacement in Grand Rapids Michigan. In this article we’ve put together a list of 5 things that you, as a home owner can see that are usually clear signs of needing a new roof installed on your Grand Rapids Michigan home. If you notice these signs be sure to contact us for a roof inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan

5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement in Grand Rapids Michigan That You Should Not Ignore

Although appearance is mentioned and talked about with each of the scenarios below we do not advise that you go onto your home’s roof. There are many risks when it comes to inspecting a roof of a home and you can be seriously injured or even killed from falling from the roof. Most of these tips can be done from the ground. If you need a closer look at something on the roof it’s best to use binoculars or a drone to survey the area rather than going on to the roof. If there is a problem on the roof then a certified roofing expert with training and safety equipment can on the roof and check the roofing if needed.

5 Signs You Need Roof Replacement in Grand Rapids Michigan That You Should Not Ignore

Missing Shingles on the Roof

One of the biggest problems after a storm is that sometimes the parts of the shingles can break away from the roof. When this happens it’s usually because the wind in a storm was fast. The older a roof gets the more susceptible to roof damage it will become so if your roof is over 15 years old it’s a good idea to check the roof after each big storm. You may even find bits and pieces of shingles in your yard, gutters, of around the downspouts of the home. Missing shingles likely means your home will soon develop a roof leak.

Water Stains on the Ceilings in Your Home

Once a roof leak occurs on your home it will allow water into the home. This water that comes in when it’s raining or if snow is present on the roof and melting. As the water enters the home it can cause all sorts of damage. However, for home owners the first sign of a roof leak is usually a brownish stain on the ceiling. If left unattended it will usually get worse and worse.

Damaged Shingles on the Roof

Wind can cause lots of damage to a shingle roof. But there are other problems that may have damaged your roof as well. Look for signs of damage from these sources on your roof:

  • Damage from wildlife
  • Hail damage
  • Fallen trees and branches

All of these things can make your roof leak and may require you get a completely new roof installed.

The shingles on your home may not show signs of damage from these sources but they can be damaged. As shingles get older they start to curl at the edges. This makes them more susceptible to damage from wind. It also means your shingles are reaching their end of useful life and need to be replaced. If you notice your shingles curling, it’s likely that roof failure isn’t far away.

Discolorations on the Roofing Surface

Sometimes debris and other items can damage the roofing surface by holding water to it. This usually happens in valleys of the roof. If you notice the shingles in spots that are different colors than the rest be sure to check them for signs of failure.

Excessive Energy Costs in Your Home

Sometimes you may not notice the effects of roof damage on your roof but instead on your energy bill. If your roofing is not performing as it should you may see signs of an increased energy bill. Installing the latest in energy efficient roofing can help remedy this.

Need a Roof Inspection on Your Home?

If you’ve noticed any of these problems on your home’s roof you’ll want to make sure you get a roof inspection done on the home. Contact Grand Rapids Home Pros today for details on how you can get a roof inspection in Grand Rapids Michigan.